Thursday, August 11

cleaning, organizing & new desgins

A Clean Canvas
Whew! I'm tired.  As if cleaning isn't enough of a chore...rearranging, fluffing and stopping to create something that just popped into my head while I was in the middle organizing, you know I've found that you just don't get much done that way.  But I'll be we are!

With fall right around the corner, I figured it was time to get my priorities lined up, goals written (I write new goals each season, it's just easier), map out my  vision of some new designs and rework my website, blogs and online shops...see why I'm tired?

In my last post here I announced that I moved my blog over to WordPress, that is still the case.  The reason I did this was to utilize this space for promoting new Rustique Art designs, bouncing ideas off of you for feedback, updates on promotions, contests and general rustique business stuff.

I came to the conclusion that trying to keep my website pristine and up to date was just wearing me down. I spent much more time in bloggyland as it is much more interactive, websites cost money, a blog doesn't.  With blogger's new pages I can create multiple pages for various rustique topics.  

There is still a lot to do and so much more rearranging, but I'm just ready to share. 

So here's a quick look at some of the changes;

Took the Rustique website down, but it's still a functioning domain name that leads you to a landing page, customers can chose where they want to go from there. 
Took down my ArtFire shop as I never promoted it like I should've and I didn't agree with the direction they were going, so I guess that's what they mean in the business world as "not being a good fit".

Imported the older blog posts from this site over to my WP blog.  Ahhh!  A clean canvas.  :)   It feels great!

I gave this site a fresh new banner, fluffed and fidgeted more than a old hen. *cluck.cluck*

Show & Tell

Now that graduation events, home projects, vacation and track meets are over, I've had just a smidgen of time to crank out a few designs.  

Well new might be pushing it a bit.  Let's just say I've taken some old designs and gave them a face lift.

Last week I made a 6" rusty gnarly wire wall cross with a lovely antiqued white turquoise heart as the focal. 
 It turned out so pretty.
I love it.
 Then I beaded up a couple of fish!

a fish with turquoise blue heart...
and a fish with a red heart
and I have more lined up! 
Even a few in the galvanized finish.  Yum!

These three designs will be listed in my Etsy shop by this weekend, that is unless they get snatched up :)


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