Friday, December 11

Have Yourself A Merry Rustique Christmas...

Monday, September 28

My Glass Door Knob Photo Holders Have A New Role

Ever struggle with what to give for a birthday gift or am I the only one? 

My mom had a birthday and I really did not know what to give her
so I decided to make something that no one else would have.

Who doesn't need a glass door knob photo holder?  

When she emailed me to say thank you and that she loved it,
I was overjoyed to know that I could now add another use for this sweet little design...


I'm so happy to know it has a good home and that she will put it to good use.

Tuesday, July 21

Vintage Grain Scoop Planter

it's no secret that I love rust, 
but coming in at a very close second is anything galvanized.

and this just makes me swoon every time I walk out my front door.

Wednesday, July 1

Hello July!

Ready for a little Red, White and Blue?  
Some BBQ, Potato Salad and Watermelon
Sweet Iced Tea served up in mason jars
how about a little "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Phillips Sousa
and fireworks!

I'm ready aren't you?

Tuesday, June 30

What's In Your Washer?

After one year I've collected this much change from my washer not to mention a couple of pens and some wrappers. 

How much do you think I've collected in one year? 

Care to make a guess?