Sunday, September 4

just piddl'n

I walked by my work table the other day and two things came to mind;

1) it was a mess

2) something needed to be done

so I did...

does this count as getting something done?  
my work table is still a mess...
but I accomplished something!

and now I have a new little ornament with a cute little heart dangle.  I've had these little ceramic hearts for over a year and have never done much with them. the time has come to move them out.  I have red, blue and a lovely tan with some awesome undertones.  I'll be listing these in my Rustique Art Etsy and Zibbet shops this weekend. 

they're kind of quirky, funky and just perfect for hanging anywhere your little heart desires.  they would even be cute for adding to gift bags.

peace. love. rust.

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  1. I had some feedsacks for over a year before I did anything with them. You are encouraging me to keep some things cuz you never know when you'll get the inspiration to do something. Love the hearts and what you did with them.

  2. Forgot to mention that I am a new follower.


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