Tuesday, September 6


Have you ever experienced designers block. I'm sure you have. You have components and materials all around you however the ideas don't seem to be coming to the surface. So you just sit, stare and wonder how you're ever going to create something ever again. It's a dark place to be. So I encourage you, no...I'm going to challenge you to make something. 


This is what I told myself last night... "just make something for goodness sakes".

So I did. I challenged myself to pick up some wire and make something.  All that angst brought forth this...

It's about as bland and basic as you can get. Actually that's not true, it could be worse.  At least I could pass it off as minimalist art.  

I'm going to name it "unfocused".

And that is really quite funny when you think about it, because it took me 15 shots to get this photo in focus and it is still blurry. Like my brain...fuzzy. 

Maybe it's the weather.  

Anyone else having issues with focusing?  

What things to you do to kick start your creative genius?  

peace. love. rust. 


  1. I think I know what you mean. There is a project in my brain somewhere, but I'm not seeing it clearly yet. I really would like to get started too. So I just keep mulling it over, waiting to see the completed vision in my mind's eye. And the weird thing is that this vision has taken lots of detours, each one interesting, but I doubt that I will remember all these parallel ideas later. Sketchbook where art thou? xo Diane (ps, thank you for entering Jamie's giveaway - I think you are the only one so far - keeping my fingers crossed!)

  2. Just found your blog via Terre Verde Soaps. So glad I did ! Your work is fabulous and the necklace is not plain or unfocused. It is perfectly just right.

  3. Oh dear...I found something on pinterest today that describes me...which is something to the effect of lots of ideas, not enough time. I think that is what causes me to be out of focus! Sigh. I try to focus...but I just fail sometimes.

    Lovely piece!

  4. Oh my goodness this necklace is so pretty! The word bland would never come to mind when look at it! You are really talented!!


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